18/01/08 Darwin Selection

download darwin


25/12/06: Quick move version

26/08/06: My old atari games

My first 'point and click' video game: "Vers L'inconnu"

download "Vers l'inconnu" disk (thank to Frédéric Rousille)

and the sequel "Vers l'inconnu 2"

download "Vers l'inconnu 2" disks


A shoot them up: "Bug"

download "bug"demo(only 4 levels), unfortunately I've lost the full version !

download the full version(6 levels), Thanks to Frédéric Roussille.


And eliminator clone running on Atari Falcon: "Rave"

Thanks to Pieter van der Meer for the screenshots

Here you can find a video!!

download "rave"


26/06/06 One planet version:



A Gaz planet

A Moon

Mars style planet

Ring arround a planet

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